Fashion Affiliate Inventory Starter - Set #1. FASHION STAR EXCLUSIVE - 14 PAIRS OF LEGGINGS

Fashion Affiliate Inventory Starter - Set #1. FASHION STAR EXCLUSIVE - 14 PAIRS OF LEGGINGS

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When you become a  Fashion Star, you will receive the following:

14 Pairs of Leggings, 5 One Size, 5 Plus Size and 4 Extra Plus Size  (Chosen by Keene's).   A replicated website with your affiliate number, corresponding back office, access to the facebook group that contains promotional files and documents, 30% commission on your direct customer orders and 25% commission on printed on demand items or DTY items .    Commissions are paid weekly on Sunday via PayPal for the previous week shipments (Sunday through Saturday).  Commissions are earned on product totals only and excludes tax and shipping.  You will also have the ability to purchase BULK items as you decide to grow your business.  You receive a 50% discount on your BULK.    You will be considered an Independent Contractor and will receive a 1099 at the end of the year if you have a reportable amount.

You can only show and sell items that you purchased from Keene's.  You cannot incorporate into your show any clothing items purchased from other companies.  The only exception to this rule is CUSTOM PRINTS.  You must provide pics, website and proof of purchase prior to showing any of these prints.  All items that you show MUST HAVE A KEENE'S TAG VISIBLE.  KEENE'S TAGS CANNOT BE REMOVED FROM ANY ITEMS THAT YOU ARE SHOWING.  Should you violate this company policy, you will be terminated without notice and will forfeit any commissions.  By selecting this kit, you agree to all of the above and understand that the company can make additional changes as deemed necessary by management.  Please ask questions before purchasing this kit if you need clarification.

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